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A clock spring is an assembly that includes a flat-ribbon spiral cable that may be extended and retracted as needed to keep a circuit running. Devices of this type are employed when the wiring for a specific circuit must move continually. Wiring in any other design would deteriorate quickly under such conditions. The clock spring is a critical but often overlooked component. The clock spring is unfamiliar to most people because it is also relatively hidden. Unfortunately, this also means that various operations may fail, such as when the clock spring breaks or develops other issues. Read More…

Clock Springs Clock springs, or power springs, are helically wound springs that are naturally inclined to expand; the expansion generates torque, or circular movement. However, once the expansion occurs and the spiral length has run out, the clock spring must be rewound.

R&L Spring Company manufactures custom spring and wire formed components for industries such as powersports, automotive, medical devices, and general industrial. Products include compression, extension, and torsion springs, as well as rings, wire forms, fourslide components, and long coils. Wire diameters available from .001" to .750" in both shaped wires and flat stocks. Their...

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Apex Spring & Stamping is a certified minority owned company that manufacturers springs, stampings, wire forms, clips, and fasteners. Our core industries include automotive, office furniture, medical, recreational, consumer goods, and appliances. We also specialize in value added assembly and prototyping. Our engineering team will ensure your part is both functional and cost-effective. IATF 16949 ...

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At Sterling Springs LLC, we specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality springs for various industries and applications. Our product line includes compression springs, coil springs, torsion springs, extension springs, and industrial springs. We take pride in our capabilities to produce springs in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from tiny springs for delicate medical devices to...

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Coiling Technologies, Inc. has the experience and expertise to design and engineer the custom springs to meet your specific requirements. We are a leading manufacturer of high-tech, specialized springs and we are committed to providing quality products with fast lead times. Our automated process allows us to produce the reliable springs you need.

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At Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form, we manufacture custom compression, extension, torsion and double torsion springs, clock springs, wire forms, stampings and wire assemblies. Materials used include stainless steel, brass, bronze and other exotics by request. If you need immediate help, contact our 24-hour RUSH emergency service. Let us tame your biggest spring problem for you!

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Stumped by a spring? Give it to our design team of professional spring engineers; they've got the experience it takes to get the job done right! In business since 1917, we manufacture compression springs, torsion springs & extension springs. We also carry stock springs. Murphy & Read Spring Manufacturing has design software on our site to design your own spring to be manufactured by us.

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We offer years of combined experience and also provide production control, purchasing, and sales. We encourage creativity and empower both employees and customers. Our one-of-a-kind company provides many benefits for all our springs customers.

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Clock Springs

The Clock Spring's Function

A clock spring improves the performance of several electrical automotive accessories controlled by a non-stationary controller. A clock spring expands and retracts as needed to accommodate a non-stationary circuit. This design is being used in the design of modern automotive steering wheels. The electronic signals from the steering wheel buttons are routed to the car's control modules via the clock spring. It is also in charge of notifying the airbag in the steering wheel in the event of an accident. The clock spring, a very long cable or string twisted several times inside the clock spring assembly, allows the steering wheel to be spun without inflicting any damage.

Types of Clock Springs

Laminated Leaf Springs

A multi-leaf spring is commonly used for truck and railway wagon suspension. It comprises a sequence of flat plates, most semi-elliptical in shape. The flat plates are known as spring leaves. The upper leaf provides a maximum length. A master leaf is the longest leaf at the top. The lengths of the leaves vary. However, the length reduces steadily from top to bottom leaf. The spring eye is formed by bending it at both ends. Then, two bolts are placed through these eyes to secure the leaf spring to the automobile body. Two U-bolts and a center clip secure the leaves together.

Rebound clips are used to hold leaves in alignment and to prevent lateral leaf displacement during operation. The axle supports the leaf spring in the center. In addition to the master leaf, multi-leaf springs have one or two more whole leaves. Between the master leaf and the graduated-length leaves, the extra full-length leaves are stacked. Extra full-length leaves are added to withstand the transverse shear strain.

Leaf Springs

Torsion Springs

This spring's construction is similar to that of a compression or tension spring, except that the ends are fashioned, so the spring is loaded by a torque about the coils' axis.

Torsion Spring

The spring, for example, delivers bending stresses caused by the bending moment in the spring wire. A torsion spring is deceptive because the wire is subjected to bending pressures rather than torsional shear stresses, as in helical torsion or tension springs.

Volute and Conical Springs

Conical and volute springs are utilized in particular situations where a telescoping spring or a spring with an increasing spring rate (load required per unit deflection) is sought. The conical spring has a uniform pitch, but the spiral springs have a paraboloid shape with constant pitch and lead angles. This design is occasionally used in vibration difficulties where springs support a body with changing mass.

Helical Springs

The helical spring is formed of a wire with a circular cross-section bent into the shape of a helix. Both torsion and tension designs exist. Although they sound similar, tension springs and torsion springs are really different. Torsion springs revolve and tension springs fully expand and compress. For instance, torsion springs on a garage door will extend less than a tension spring.

The spring is compressed to put it another way. The external force tends to extend the spring in a helical tension spring. In other words, the spring is elongated. Although the spring is compressed, the wire of the helical compression spring is not subjected to compressive stress. Furthermore, even though the spring is under tension, the wire of the helical tension spring is not subjected to tensile stress. Compression and tension refer to the entire spring, not the stresses in the spring wire.

How Clock Springs are Held in Place

Mounting a clock spring is important in getting an application to perform properly. There are several ends to make mounting easier. When mounting clock springs, an arbor is used. The arbor is put into the spring's inner diameter, and the spring's inner end is bent and snugly fastened to the arbor.

Advantages of Clock Springs

They are relatively inexpensive; in terms of technology, they are less expensive than certain other springs. In addition, they provide significant torque for every deflection. Most manufacturers offer regular and custom-made clock springs as precision spring producers.

Applications of Clock Springs

Clock springs are used in applications that require short circular movement. Their short movement, together with the torque produced, delivers rotational energy to an application. Clock springs have gained popularity in a variety of sectors. This increased popularity is because they are versatile and inexpensive. Clock springs are used in the following applications:

  • Motors that run on electricity
  • Healthcare and medical equipment such as MRI machines
  • Transportation and automotive applications
  • Decorative hardware
  • Clocks
  • Meters
  • Timing gadgets
  • Music boxes and wind-up toys are examples of toys.
  • Airbags

Choosing the Proper Clock Springs Supplier

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing clock springs from a clock spring supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 to 5 suppliers using our clock springs directory. Each clock spring supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each clock spring company website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple clock spring companies with the same form.

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