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Trampoline springs are an integral part of the bouncing experience, providing the necessary tension to propel users into the air. Perhaps surprisingly, they find wide-ranging applications, from backyard recreational trampolines to professional acrobatic performances. Read More…

Trampoline Springs Kids of all ages enjoy the sensation of jumping up and down on a trampoline, and many people have one in their own backyard.

R&L Spring Company manufactures custom spring and wire formed components for industries such as powersports, automotive, medical devices, and general industrial. Products include compression, extension, and torsion springs, as well as rings, wire forms, fourslide components, and long coils. Wire diameters available from .001" to .750" in both shaped wires and flat stocks. Their...

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Apex Spring & Stamping is a certified minority owned company that manufacturers springs, stampings, wire forms, clips, and fasteners. Our core industries include automotive, office furniture, medical, recreational, consumer goods, and appliances. We also specialize in value added assembly and prototyping. Our engineering team will ensure your part is both functional and cost-effective. IATF 16949 ...

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Coiling Technologies, Inc. has the experience and expertise to design and engineer the custom springs to meet your specific requirements. We are a leading manufacturer of high-tech, specialized springs and we are committed to providing quality products with fast lead times. Our automated process allows us to produce the reliable springs you need.

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At Sterling Springs LLC, we specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality springs for various industries and applications. Our product line includes compression springs, coil springs, torsion springs, extension springs, and industrial springs. We take pride in our capabilities to produce springs in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from tiny springs for delicate medical devices to...

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At Cook Spring, we take pride in our role as a leading manufacturer of wire forms, offering a wide range of precision-engineered products to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the manufacturing industry.

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At Tricor Industries, Inc., our legacy is built on our expertise and innovation in the springs and wire forms industries. Our commitment to precision and quality ensures that every product we deliver meets and exceeds expectations.

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We offer years of combined experience and also provide production control, purchasing, and sales. We encourage creativity and empower both employees and customers. Our one-of-a-kind company provides many benefits for all our springs customers.

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Creation of Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs undergo a meticulous manufacturing process. The methods employed to create these springs vary depending on their intended use. The most common methods include coiling, compression, and torsion. The coiling method involves tightly winding a wire to form the spring. This technique is often used for recreational trampolines, where a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance is sought. Such coiled springs provide sufficient bounce for casual jumpers and are commonly found in backyard trampolines. For higher-performance trampolines used in gymnastics, on the other hand, the compression method is employed. This technique involves compressing the wire into a spring shape, resulting in a more rigid and responsive spring. The compression method is favored in professional trampolines used by gymnasts who require precise and controlled rebounds. In the realm of professional acrobatic trampolines, meanwhile, the torsion method is utilized. Torsion springs are designed to handle extreme forces and provide maximum bounce for performers executing complex aerial maneuvers. These springs are engineered to withstand intense impacts and deliver exceptional rebound capabilities.

Materials Used for Trampoline Springs

Various materials are employed to create trampoline springs, each offering distinct properties to enhance performance and durability. The most common materials include steel, galvanized steel, and zinc-plated steel. Steel springs are known for their strength and resilience, making them suitable for heavy-duty commercial trampolines. These springs can withstand substantial weight and repetitive use, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the trampoline. Galvanized springs, meanwhile, are coated with a layer of zinc and are popular choices for outdoor trampolines. The zinc coating provides corrosion resistance, protecting the springs from moisture and environmental elements. This makes them ideal for withstanding the challenges of outdoor conditions. Zinc-plated springs are yet another option that offers excellent resistance against rust and degradation. Their corrosion-resistant properties make them suitable for trampolines exposed to humid environments or near water sources, such as swimming pools or water parks.

Considerations Regarding Trampoline Springs

While trampoline springs provide countless hours of joy and entertainment, it is crucial to address some potential considerations. Safety is of utmost importance, and trampoline users must exercise caution to prevent accidents. Regular inspection and maintenance should be performed to ensure the springs are in good condition and free from any defects. Another consideration is the risk of rust or degradation over time, especially when exposed to moisture or harsh weather conditions. As a result, it is essential to choose springs made from materials that offer appropriate resistance to corrosion and to take necessary measures to protect the springs from moisture.

Benefits of Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs offer a multitude of benefits, enhancing the overall trampolining experience.To start with, they contribute to an exhilarating bouncing sensation, allowing users to achieve impressive heights and perform gravity-defying tricks. The springs' elasticity and tension provide a dynamic and energetic rebound, adding to the excitement of trampolining.

Additionally, trampoline springs act as shock absorbers, reducing the impact on users' joints and muscles. This feature makes trampolining a lower-impact exercise compared to other activities, promoting a safer and more enjoyable experience for users of all ages. Furthermore, trampoline springs are built to last, providing exceptional longevity and durability. The materials used, coupled with the manufacturing techniques employed, ensure that these springs can withstand rigorous use and maintain their performance over time.

Various Applications of Trampoline Springs

The variety of applications of trampoline springs demonstrate their versatility and widespread use in different settings. To begin with, trampoline springs find their most common application in backyard trampolines, providing hours of fun and entertainment for families and children. The springs' design and characteristics offer a balance between safety and enjoyable bouncing experiences, making them suitable for users of all skill levels. Furthermore, trampolines also play a crucial role in gymnastics and acrobatics training, allowing athletes to practice and perfect their aerial skills. As a result, these trampoline springs are specifically designed for gymnastics to provide controlled and precise rebounds, enabling gymnasts to execute complex routines, flips, and twists with utmost accuracy and safety. Additionally, there are trampolines equipped with specialized springs which are widely used in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings. The controlled and low-impact nature of trampoline exercises, facilitated by these special trampoline springs, helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals with joint or muscle injuries. These springs provide a gentle rebound that aids in strengthening muscles, improving balance, and promoting overall physical well-being. Finally, trampoline parks and entertainment centers have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering an array of trampoline-based activities for visitors of all ages. These facilities utilize high-quality trampoline springs that can withstand the heavy usage demands of numerous jumpers. The springs they use contribute to the dynamic and thrilling experiences offered in these venues, catering to recreational jumpers, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking a unique adrenaline rush.

Choosing the Right Trampoline Springs Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing trampoline springs from a trampoline springs supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of trampoline springs suppliers. Each trampoline springs supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or to request a quote. Review each trampoline springs business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple trampoline springs companies with the same form.

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